Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reno - Day 3- Dashing Through The Snow (Race Day)

We woke up to yet more snowfall...and the weather was to expected to continue to fall all day. It was very cold too...maybe 17-20 degrees. Made for interesting race conditons, to say the least!

We took the shuttle to San Rafael Park where the race was to be held. And had to troomp through lots of snow to get to the start line.

Snowplows tried their hardest to pack down the snow on the course.

Sabrina had some time to do some warm up jogs with Gian. Then we found out her race (and all others) were delayed an hour due to the weather. Talk about anxiety...poor girl just wanted to get the run over with, and we just wanted some place warm to be.

About 1/2 hour before her race, they called for all the bantam girls to go to the warm-up tent. The girls kept on all their warm clothes until the very last second, and then they striped down and tossed their clothes to their parents or coaches.

The line up of 200+ bantam girls. An amazing sight.

And then the gun goes off and the girls run their hardest. (Tears in my eyes as I thought about how hard Sabrina has worked to get there and the love of running that she has been blessed with!! LOTS OF TEARS! Proud mom moment.)

Sabrina finishes at about 89th place. (First place in my heart.)

A medal and a smile.

Or should I say, a snowy medal.

And we didn't forget about Jalen...his strength was definately a motivator for Sabrina. We will continue to pray and think about you, Jalen.

The rest of the day was spent inside because it was snowing pretty hard. We played card games, took naps and just relaxed. In the evening we went to the closing ceremonies, which was basically just awards being given to the top teams.

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