Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Will and I Will Never

My friend Cricket posted a challenge for me (and some of her other friends) to write 5 things that I Will do and 5 things that I Will Never do. Seemed simple here I go.
*feel healthy again - whether that is by losing weight or exercising more or eating better. I just need to find that motivating factor.
*try to live my life more in the moment. I am such a planner and sometimes lose my focus of just losing myself in the moment.
*look for more opportunities to serve others or do random acts of kindness for others.
*love my children more and cherish the moments I have with them.
*go on a vacation someday.
*take for granted my husband and my children. I love them way too much!
*own a minivan. Nope, no way, no how!!!!
*lose my desire to be creative.
*have a boy?? Well...maybe never say never??
*eat a bug...gross!
There you go...Now who's up for the challenge. Tiff? Megan? Jennifer? Are you up for the challenge? (It's easy...I promise.)


Hess Fam said...

shoot! I just got called out! think, think, think.

Jenny said...

Never own a minivan? Don't you know it's practical on the outside, party on the inside? Lol! ;)