Saturday, April 10, 2010

Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

Sabrina chose to have a kayaking, sailing and canoeing birthday party this year. Totally something she LOVES to do!! Luckily we live so close to the bay that this worked out! The weather was perfect, too!

Sabrina and her girl-friends.

Sabrina and her boy-friends.

We had pizza and chips and the kids played sand soccer.

And then it was time for some kayaking and canoeing.

(I love this picture, above, with Sabrina on the front with that HUGE smile and waving!)

The kids kayaked and canoed to the end of the pennisula, played some games down there, switched around who was in which boat and finally came back about an hour later!

When the kids got back, some kids went out on sailboats and some kids did some dock jumping!

In total Sabrina style she chose to not have cake, but to have cookies made by Angie Jones. (She is one VERY TALENTED lady!!!) Not only did these cookies look cute....they were sooooo yummy! Thanks, Angie!

And just in case you were wondering where Charlee was this whole time....

she was fine!

This was a perfect day for a perfect 10 year old girl!!


pati-Sue said...

It was a perfect party for Sabrina, and for all her friends, too. It was also a perfect day for her nana. Amy-Sue you did a wonderful job of planning! You added alot of MOTY points for this day! We love ya Sabrina! and we love all the rest of your family,too. Nana and Papa

Maosi Fam said...

What a fun birthday!!!

Holy cow, I can not believe how big they are all getting!! Especially Charlie!!!

Trisha said...

Cute party it!

Hess Fam said...

Well I sure hope Tabitha has a boating party because that is the kind of party I want to be invited to!!! ideas..all around. And those cookies? PERFECTION!
So so fun.

Natalie said...

I so miss the peninsula. What a fun party.

ashcraft8 said...

Great party and great pics. I love the one of Sabrina and the boys1

Jenny said...

What a wonderful party! So fun!! Those cookies are adorable.