Monday, January 3, 2011

My new little Sunbeam

Today (meaning Sunday) was a big day for my little 3 year old.
At church Charlee went from being in the Nursery (18 months to 3 years)
being in Primary and being a SUNBEAM!!!

Here she is with her friend Jane, her teacher and her other friend Logan.

In class.

Let's not discuss the tears on her mom's face...why does she have to grow up so fast??!!


Natalie said...

OK, when did Jane and Charlee grow up? I can't believe how big they look.

Trisha said...

Logans first day of being a sunbeam was somewhat like the first day of preschool.....only dad was there so that I didn't have to watch and cry. Sunbeams snuck up fast on us!

Jenny said...

Look at her sitting so sweetly! So precious!!

Craig and Cricket said...

Isn't it sad how fast they grow? But it sure is fun to watch them do all the fun things they enjoy.