Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Keeping Tally

I get a lot of flack for going to Disneyland so much. You see, we live on one income, so we don't go on vacations (i.e. camping, going to Hawaii, flying somewhere exotic, etc.). Instead, we buy DISNEYLAND annual passes and wear them out! We vacation in short 3 hour jaunts to Disneyland or pull the kids out of school (opps, did I just say that out loud?) and make memories with MICKEY MOUSE. Disneyland has always been a huge part of our lives (G & me went on our first date there, G proposed to me there, honeymooned at WDW in Florida, etc.)....and we will forever be dedicated to all things Disney.
So, that being said, I made it one of my New Years goals to keep tally of how many times we go to Disneyland/California Adventure/Downtown Disney in one year. And, you, my lucky readers, get to hear about it often. If you want to help me up my tally, feel free to join me at the Happiest Place on Earth!
Day 1 of the year 2011 went like this:

A trip around the world for It's a Small style. It was still decorated for the holidays and I just L-O-V-E how they combined the Jingle Bells song with the It's a Small World song!!
We had lunch at River belle Terrace...the yummiest Turkey sandwich ever!
And then off to Downtown Disney
Charlee got sprinkled with some pixie dust...

.....and a princess she became.

And then our short trip was over since we had to go pick up the sisters from school.
But one thing Disneyland does well is make Charlee do this:
I think day 1 was a success.
Here's to lots more DISNEY adventures.


Jenny said...

I love it!! I wish I could go with you.

Hess Fam said...

i love everything about this!

ashcraft8 said...

You just keep that tally going up. There is nothing wrong with mickey mouse in your life. ENJOY every trip. The pic of you and Charlee is too cute.

Trisha said...

All my disneyland goers friends are making me sad not to have a pass right now. Maybe once this baby is out and we are all settled I can begin my adventures at dland again.