Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's been goin' on here...

Like everyone else, we have been busy around here. (I don't like the cop-out excuse of being too busy. I feel it's just that-an excuse.) Our lives are full of joy and we are loving every moment of craziness.
These pictures are in total random order, so I'm not even going to try to tell you what days these all happened. But just know that they happened all this week!
We went to Disneyland/California Adventure (I know for sure this happened on Saturday). (This is trip #2...since I'm keeping tally.) We went from early in the morning until late in the evening and made it a fun-filled family day.

This was at the end of the day...notice we are all still smilin'. Some days at Disney, we don't go home like that, believe me!! But this time was Practically Perfect In Every Way!
We got a chance to see lots of Jessie and

Woody! Love Toy Story!!

Earlier in the week, we took Charlee to the dentist for the first time (love our Pediodontist, Dr. Worden). She got her teeth cleaned and had her first exam. She cried alot and wanted to go home...but did pretty well all things considered.

Charlee and I met up with some friends at the park.
I went to an awards assembly for Sabrina since she got the Principal's Honor Roll.

Lunch time looks like this at our house. A very tired little 3 year old, a fast food lunch, and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I just had to capture this moment because just look how stinkin' cute she is!! Can you even stand those ponytails?
A flute concert for Sabrina.
She's definately making progress. She just got picked for the Elementary All-District Band!

On top of all that we had Basketball practice, homework (of course...and this week we got slammed with 3 projects), haircut for me (why am I getting grey), meeting for 5th grade parents regarding moving into middle school (ugh), meeting for church, flute tutoring (for Sabrina), turning in paperwork for middle school (ugh, again...tell me that's not happening), Gian working late (stupid new work hours), and a trip to Target (it's not a complete week without one of those!).
Yes, it's been busy...but it's been fun! It's never too busy for friends (via Facebook or texting or phone)...and never too busy for family (visits to Nana and Papa's house are always on our schedule). Most of all we are grateful to be busy together as a FAMILY!!
(p.s. just so you know, we didn't forget about Tabitha...she's been right in the mix, too)


Natalie said...

We went to Dr. Worden too. Love him.

pati-Sue said...

You keep your family together and focused and having fun. We love the random visits from you, 'cause we LOVE you! mom

Jackie said...

Amy Sue, your posts always make me smile, but this one seriously made me laugh out loud. Love the weekly trips to Target. Love the facebooking. LOVE Sabrina's flute stuff--so awesome. Love the fast food lunch, and so sad that Charly's dental visit was as traumatic is Blaine's.

Jenny said...

I didn't know Sabrina played the flute. Wow! Her hair was so cute.