Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Father/Daughter Cotillion Dance

It was Father/Daughter (or Mother/Son, if that was your case) Cotillion Dance last night.
Gian and Sabrina got all gussied up. Gian in his nice new suit. And Sabrina with her new sweater dress and bling. They got to learn how to do the Fox Trot, Waltz and some other dances.

My girl....isn't she looking so old?? It's killing me.
Gian couldn't stop chuckling about Bobby Burgess, Cotillion Master.
When I asked Gian how he thought he did at Cotillion he said that he thought he was a pretty good dancer. He said he "prespired" a little...and at least he wasn't as bad off as the "bald dad who was sweating like a hog." Nice, Gian.
Good times at Cotillion, I tell ya!


Jenny said...

I love it! They look adorable together.

cari said...

I love it too! She's such a beauty!