Sunday, June 8, 2008

Frantic Friday

Charlee started our busy Friday with her first sink bath. Yeah, we're a little slow doing that...but she LOVED it!

It was Dad's Donut Day at Tabitha's preschool. She was so excited to have Daddy go to school and play with her. They painted, played on the playground and ate donuts, of course.

Yum, yum donuts. One happy preschool girl!

And, finally to finish of our Friday, Sabrina had Stake Activity Days. The girls learned how to hula. They also played games, made scrapbook pages, made cute flip flops and then had ice cream. She was so happy hangin' out with her cousin, Camryn.

Fabulous, Frantic and Fun Friday!!!


Melissa said...

OK I love the picture of Charlee in the sink. Too cute - I love bath pictures!! And who can resist that beautiful smile as she is enjoying her sucker?! I remember I used to give my neices and nephews suckers all the time when they were so, so little and they LOVED why not?!

Maosi Fam said...

yeah we wanted ppl to so we could get an idea on a head count but nobody has contacted me lol so we will see, but i will mark ya down as the first to respond hehe

thanks for the email=}