Saturday, February 6, 2010

Days 4, 5, and 6- I LOVE...

(sorry about that....I haven't been feeling good since "the ordeal"-see post below)

Day 4 - I LOVE ...

I've said it before...but I'll say it again. Tulips make me HaPpY!!

Day 5 - I LOVE ...

the color RED.

I'm wearing red jammies, as we speak. I am sitting on my comfy red couch. I have a red bowl adorning my kitchen table. I have red and white lights around my house (yes, for Valentines day I put lights up). I love RED. Some people may say I even have a "red personality"- I beg to differ. Red is one of my favorite colors!

Day 6 - I LOVE ...

Brighton jewerly.

Aren't those darling? They are from the Love Daisy collection. For Christmas, my mom gave me a charm bracelet from Brighton. At first I wasn't so happy with frustrated me-the clip and me weren't getting along. But since then, we have come to have a wonderful relationship-me and the charm bracelet. And I have told everyone that if they feel the need to spend $10-20 dollars on me, I would more than happy to add to my charm bracelet! (hint, hint)

Go here to see more...I love it all. Why? Because it's all hearts!

Tell me what you love from Brighton...I'd love to know!


pati-Sue said...

I am a total Brighton gal. I really like my charm bracelet--the one Bob gave me for Christmas, after Christmas:) So many charms so little time. Love ya--Mom

pati-Sue said...

Way to go Gian!! You are awesome!

I love RED also--and I think I am a red person with maybe just a touch of blue around the edges.

Tulips are beautiful!