Tuesday, November 16, 2010

run, Sabrina, run

This Cross Country season for Sabrina has been short. There weren't too many races (maybe 6?) this year...but she did well in every one she competed in.
This last race was an incredible race for her. This race was the Southern California Championships for USATF. It was held at Mt. Sac.-which, you recall, is NOT an easy course to run.
She runs a 3k (which equals 1.8 miles) for her age category.
And at this race she ran it in 12 minutes and 9 seconds. (a new personal record)
Unbelievable what this girl can do!!!
She came in 6th place which qualified her to go on to Regional Championships (our region is all of California, Hawaii, and Nevada). She will compete in that meet this coming Sunday, November 21st and IF she is in the top 20, she can once again go on to the National Junior Olympics which will be held in Hoover, Alabama. (I'm not sure we can financially take her to Alabama...but she sure wants to try to qualify!)
We are proud of her hard work, her desire to develop her talent, her competitiveness nature, and her love of running.
RUN, SABRINA, RUN!!!!!!! Good luck!

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Jenny said...

That is so incredible! You have to be quick with the camera because I'm sure she's just a blur!!